gloop, glop, glub (Tuesday 2-28-12)

Today was one of those busy run around days but with fun.  I always enjoy doing the “gloop’ lab with my students (see the picture above). If you’ve never made gloop and played around with it do it!

My daughter no longer takes naps at school which means sometimes she’s so tired she falls asleep in the car on the way home, then you pick her up and she stays asleep on the couch.  I don’t mind her taking a late nap as she falls asleep pretty easy around 8pm at night even with a nap.

The challenge comes these days as how to wake her up.  She’s such a good sleeper and sleeps so deeply that if you wake her up instead of her waking up she wakes up disoriented.  Then we end up with a 45 minute melt down.  New tactics involve just getting her dressed in pj’s or taking her to bed.  She usually decides she wants to wake up but, sometimes she just sleeps the entire time and wakes up around 6 am.  not a problem for me.

By the time i arrived home around 6:30 pm i was exhausted!

But i am realizing from my logging activities that i need to prepare my food at night and start working on meal planning. No more purchasing of food.


General Activities:

*teacher’s union meeting

*Taught the gloop lab today in class

*night night time with my daughter

Brinn activities:

*Daddy picking her up early because i have a late night.

*late afternoon nap

*drew pictures and wrote words with her in my journal.

*Read monster book before night night with her.


starbucks coffee and sandwhich (didn’t bring enough food for inbetween school and work).


Breakfast: mocha, dried mango, protein smoothie with almond milk

lunch: rest of dried mango and a large bowl of kashi almond crunch with almond milk

Dinner: chocolate chips, mozzarella cheese.


go! go! organize!(mon 2-27-12)

I want to run through this field! Goals!

Today was a day of motivating energy! It was time to organize now so we can go to san juan bautista on saturday for their living history day with friends.  i love it when i’m motivated and have energy to go and go and go! The results are so awesome.

Activities today:

General activities:

*finished up my daughter’s paperwork for her school

*reading: ultraprevention for about 20 minutes.

*long conversation with husband.

*finished up grades for work.

Brinn activities:

* went with mommy to to hear brothers heartbeat in her belly.

*bath bath and lining up animal circus

* grocery shopping at trader joes for crackers and tofu for her school


*rotating laundry to get through all of the boy infant/baby clothes shared by family friend.

*cleaned out part of my daughter’s closet and under her bunk bed to get ready for my sister to live with use for a couple of months.


*coffee and bagel at starbucks, a few groceries at trader joes.


breakfast: mocha and toast

lunch:pasta, garbanzo beans, rice, balsamic and oil mix. protein smoothie.

dinner: leftover pasta Primavera with vegan creamy sauce. ice cream sandwich.  mini pizzas with broccoli, sauce, pepperoni, vegan cheese, ww english muffins and sliced apples for husband and daughter.

sunday- 2-26-12

My first post all stems from a desire to create a place for memories, reminders of awesome adventures that need repeating, log of goals met , super recipes for food and cleaning, positive thoughts in a challenging world and dreams.

My main goal is to create more positiveness, fun, laughter, and adventures for my daughter, husband and friends and family around me.  This will be a place for me to go and anyone else to find whats possible, open my mind and remind me even in the most difficult times we can find something to be happy and grateful for.

Todays activities:


-Am hike with my friend michelle and her friend at sanborn park. (see below)

*daughter activities:

-brushing and braiding rapunzelle’s hair

-beading- making bumble bee and flower simple bracelets

*around the house:

-cleaning- laundry, mini-decluttering all rooms, sorting through boys baby clothes given to by friend and washing, dishes,

cooking: mochas for friends, me and husband. rice and beans for daughter, pasta salad and beans for me, cream of wheat with almond milk and blueberries and strawberries, flax seed bread with almond butter and jam

-purchased: just groceries and one mocha.

sanborn park hike:

mostly shady

parking: 6dollars (bring cash for a machine)

when wet or rainy: salamanders and banana slugs come out.

has connection to skyline.


amenities: camp sites, picnic tables, restrooms

map link